Thank you for listening!

  • Awesome Clarity and The Awesome Podcast have come to an end!

It has been an absolute BLAST spending time with you over the past year or so as I've hosted The Awesome Podcast and Awesome Clarity. But, as the saying goes, "All good things must come to an end."

Although these two podcasts have come to an end, I'm still podcasting and sharing as much value as I can, just in a different way.

People who loved TAP and AC for the motivation and early business advice would probably love my show with John Lee Dumas (from Entrepreneur On Fire) called LOVE YOUR LEAP. The button below will take you to the Love Your Leap website. It's just John and I talking about the mental game of entrepreneurship and it's a blast!

Equally as exciting is the launch of a brand new podcast I'll be hosting. It's brought to you by LeadPages, the incredible software company that helps businesses generate more leads and sales. The new daily podcast will feature 10-15 minute interviews with professionals who are deep in the marketing trenches. They'll be sharing one tactic they've employed in their marketing, and the results that it got. I'm absolutely loving it, and hope to see you there on launch day - Wednesday, February 26th.

Again - I've loved having you here, and I'm excited to see you at my new ventures!


Tim Paige

p.s. My son, Owen (that adorable kid with his tongue out), says thanks too!